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Sunday Updates

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Okay, so I've given up and resorted to posting these updates sometime in between Friday and Sunday… so there, now I can't be held accountable for laziness… unless this update starts coming in on Mondays or Tuesdays…

Anyway, let's get started.

Yakezie Challenge Update

Last time, May 28th, Go Be Rich was ranked at 649,465. This week, it's at 474,155. That's a drop of 175,310. Things are starting to slow down, and the competition is getting fierce. I thinking I'm nearing the end of the "honeymoon" phase of my blog, that phase where everything seems like amazing progress simply because your blog is so new and has no past to be compared to. It probably hasn't helped that I've been a little more removed from my blog than usual this week, but don't worry, Go Be Rich isn't going anywhere, I'm still truckin' along, fightin' the good fight, stickin' it to the man, standing up for the little guy, etc, etc, etc.


Go Be Rich's Posts of The Week

1. I'm Going on a Trip! Week 4 Reflections

2. Prosperity Plan # 5: Forget Your Weaknesses

3. Carnival of Personal Finance 311: I'm In!

4. Happy Memorial Day!

5. $5 to $20 Giveaway!

6. Knowing your 401(k) Rollover Options

7. Painful Passion

 Read them. They're good. I mean, I wrote them, come on… also, 4 out of 7 of my posts have exclamation marks in the title… apparently I was excited this past week.


Posts From Around the Blogosphere

1. Check out Money Talks Coaching's Post on Taxpayer Fraud. You're pretty much required to click on this link, as this involves a grown man in a diaper. He sleeps in a crib. Yup, uses a bottle too.

2. Financially Consumed writes about the deep, dark underbelly of Keeping Financial Secrets From the Spouse. Gritty. Edgy. Dangerous. See for yourself.

3. Money in the 20s tackles the issue of Juggling Multiple Job Offers. Good problem to have in this economy.

4. Money is The Root get sacrilegious on our butts this week with a post about Why you Should Quit Paying Down Your Debt. Way to challenge the status quo, you rebel you.

5. Money Spruce discusses ways to spruce up your living space (haha, a pun), By Getting Rid of Clutter.  Oddly enough, there's a Smoky The Bear reference at the end.  

6. Shannyn posts about her new life in Chicago, the challenges along the way, and how She'll. Never. Settle (read it, you'll understand). Inspirational actually. The Katy Perry reference is…entertaining, but then again the blog itself does  have the word "beautiful" in it…

7. Enemy of Debt says doing it conservatively, responsibly, and realistically will bring you success. Concerning retirement. Planning for retirement, that is. No, no, not– ah, whatever, just go read it.

8. Len Penzo writes about Good Personal Finance Practices Gone Wild (my title). Hope he doesn't mind me comparing his post to Girls Gone Wild.

9. Over at Moolanomy, you can find 5 tips for Quitting Your Job on Good Terms. Filling your boss's desk and briefcase to the brim with aerosol cheese is NOT one of the tips.


And there it is. Until Next Time.

4 Responses to Sunday Updates

  1. You are so awesome to have mentioned my blog- I know it is incredibly girly (even without the BLINDING pink layout, haha) so I appreciate the blog love!  I hope things are going well for you with blogging, it feels like the challenge never ends..well at least for me, maybe you "get" blogging better than I do??  
    I still have to figure out this SEO stuff, yarg. 

    • You run a really good blog over there Shannyn….despite the girlyness, lol. Things are going okay, although I’m really starting to look forward to that one point where things just start really taking off, as traffic has been just a bit stagnant lately. But, nothing to do except to keep chugging away at it. And yes, the SEO stuff is a bit confusing, but honestly, I’m not that worried about it. Everything I’ve read about it makes me believe it would be better to concentrate on just being genuine and doing what you were going to do with your blog anyway. Then again, I only average like 30-40 visits a day… we’ll see I guess.

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